Tablet Waiterrestaurant pos system


Key features

·  Have your menu on an iPad or Andriod device in your restaurant
·  Customers order their items via the app instore
·  The orders are automatically sent to the kitchen
·  Print to Epson and Star POS printers
·  Orders can automatically be printed in kitchen mode
·  Kitchen staff can start processing the order
·  Keep your same payment methods. The app does not handle payment
·  Customers can see their outstanding orders and total at any time
·  Customers can call the waiter via the app
·  Customers can request the bill via the app
·  Customers can send the store owner a comment via the app
·  Waiters can use the app to place orders on
·  Waiters can cancel orders for customers
·  Waiters can see the status of each order
·  Swapping a device in a table automatically downloads the table's orders to the device
·  View your restaurant's sale online
·  Easy to add new devices
·  Easy to add new menu items and change prices

The benefit to your business:

·  Order mistakes are eliminated
·  Reduce customer waiting time
·  Free up your waiters to provide better customer service
·  Increased table turns
·  Sold out items are not shown to customers
·  Your business gets a modern look and feel
·  More positive customer Word of Mouth advertisement for your business
·  Less menu reprint cost
·  Update entire restaurant chain menu easily
·  Update entire restaurant chain menu in minutes
·  Have some menu items that are only visible at certain times or days
·  Menu space limitations dont exist anymore
·  Write as much item description for each menu item as you want
·  More features coming soon


Tablet Waiter is an app that replaces the paper menu in a bar, cafe or restaurant. It is an electronic menu that takes customer orders instore and sends the order directly to the kitchen.

It reduces the waiting time for customers and improves the efficiency of your business. Tablet Waiter can be operated in 4 modes

Customer Mode
Used by customers in the restaurant. A tablet PC is securely placed on each table for customers. Customers browse the menu and place orders via the app

Waiter Mode
Used by waiters to place orders for customers and check order statuses.

Kitchen Mode
Placed in the kitchen to display orders as they are placed. Once completed, orders are updted by staff

Cashier Mode
Used by cashier staff to update orders to paid status or cancel orders. It is used along side the POS and does not replace the POS system. Not designed to take payments but keeps a record of all orders.

Customer Mode

When in this mode, a tablet computer can be fixed to each customer table or put in an enclosure attached to the table in your bar, cafe or restaurant.

Customers can browse through the entire menu on offer and make their selection. Each order goes directly to the kitchen and can be prepared immediately. Out of stock items will be removed accross all devices by the restaurant and wont be visible to the customer. Customers can also click the call waiter button to call a waiter.

Each device is allocated a table number and when a device is replaced on a table, it automatically downloads all outstanding orders for that table which is handy when devices run out of power or become faulty.

The benefit to your customers:

·  No waiting for the waiter to bring the menu
·  See an up-to-date menu when required
·  Place orders without having to call the waiter
·  See your outstanding orders when required
·  Add items to outstanding orders when required
·  View pictures of the menu item
·  Leave feedback from the app
·  View total cost of items before ordering
·  The waiters will have more time to answer questions
·  No order mix up or mistakes from the waiter
·  View your outstanding bill when required
·  Call the waiter at the touch of a button
·  Request final bill at the touch of a button

Waiter Mode

When in this mode, a tablet computer can be given to each waiter in your bar, cafe or restaurant.

Waiters can place orders on behalf of customers by entering the table number then choosing from the menu. The order goes to the kitchen like it would when a customer places an order.

This mode can be used in conjuction with customers having a tablet on each table or the restaurant can only have waiters carry tablets and taking customer orders.

When a customer presses the call waiter button in the customer mode app, all apps in the waiter mode will have the red dot on the top (see image on the right), indicating that there is call. The call details are displayed in the call section

The benefit to your staff:

·  No waiting for customers to decide on what they want
·  More free time to provide better customer service
·  Check the status of an order without going to the kitchen
·  Less time spent going between the floor and kitchen
·  No order mix up or mistakes from the waiter
·  Final bill figures available at the touch of a button
·  Add items to outstanding orders when required

Kitchen Mode

When in this mode, a tablet computer can be given to each chef in your cafe, bar or restaurant. Alternatively, a tablet device can be placed in a common area where kitchen staff can view and update the orders

Each order placed comes into the kitchen waiting list, where staff can update it to started and then ready. Kitchen staff can also reopen completed orders and cancel orders if required.

The benefit to your staff:

·  They get an upto date order list
·  Orders can not be lost
·  No human error with the order list
·  Less enquiries from other staff on order status
·  Historical order data is available to them

Cashier Mode

This mode is designed for cashiers and requires a seperate password for cashier users. Cashier users can update an order to paid status and cancel an order.

Cashiers can also check the totals for a given period of time and see the current orders for any table.

The benefit to your staff:

·  They can see the current order totals for all tables
·  They have historical order data at the touch of a button
·  No human error with the order total
·  No order mix up or mistakes from the waiter
·  Final bill figures available at the touch of a button
·  End of day sums can be done faster