Tablet Waiterrestaurant pos system

How It Works

1. Register for a free trial here

Register on this site for a free 30day fully functional version of the app. Registration is quick and easy, no payment details required.

2. Create a shop in the admin panel

Create a shop in the admin panel, required details include:
  · Shop name
  · App password for the shop
  · Currency
  · Tax rate, gratuity rate, service charge..

3. Create categories, items and pages for the app

  · Create menu categories,
  · Pages for the app,
  · Food and Drink items,
  · Drag and drop the items to their category

4. Download the app from the app store

Download the app from the app store, it's available in the following stores:
  · Apple app store
  · Android
  · Blackberry
  · WebOS

5. Link the app to your account

  · Start the app
  · Go to the settings page
  · Enter the link code you provided when setting up your shop
  · Approve the device from the admin panel

6. Place the app in its location in the restaurant / bar

The app can be used by the customers, waiter, kitchen staff or cashier. Set the app to the mode you desire, multiple apps can be linked to the same shop account so a shop can consist of several customer and waiter apps all transmitting orders to several kitchen apps.

7. Start taking customer orders

  · Orders placed via the app in customer mode will appear in the kitchen app
  · In waiter mode, orders can be placed for different tables from the same device
  · In kitchen mode, all orders placed will be displayed
  · The cashier mode can can change order status to paid, and check totals for given time periods